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Web Design

I believe that every web design is unique and requires different components to achieve the desired effect. I will ask you a lot of questions during the consultation, assess what’s needed for our project in order to best serve YOU (not just another client), give an estimate based off these findings – all without any obligation or pressure whatsoever! (My 6-D Process)

A typical small business web design consists of 3-5 pages. Most packages range between $300-$1k but it can depend greatly on how customized each individual need may be when looking at larger scale projects versus smaller ones; don’t hesitate to contact me today if there are specific things which interest you. 

I make sure to provide a positive experience from start-to finish. However, the average turnaround time for projects is between two weeks to four weeks, but it can depend on how much input you’re willing to offer during the initial stages, as well as your availability with feedback, which affects progress quite a bit! The functionality needs may also play into this process; if they’re more complex sites, it will take longer than others because there are many steps involved in the development stage.

WordPress websites. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on earth, powering more than 30% of web sites. It’s due to its flexibility and ease-of use that has made it so successful! I am here for you as to teach you how to manage WordPress properly – don’t worry about anything else but getting started today, because this will all make sense soon enough.

My business focus is within my local area of Brownsville, TX. However, as a freelancer, I have the distinct opportunity to work remotely, which allows me to include a service area within the Rio Grande Valley. 

I am all about empowering my clients and giving them the control to their new website. I love it when you take charge of your website, so I will provide training that will help get anyone up to speed with managing their own site! Additionally, if there’s anything at all where I can answer questions in regards, to managing the existing functions in your new website, I would be glad to provide the guidance. However, requests for additions, modifications, and/or to make changes to your finished website would warrant a new service agreement.

Absolutely! For an additional cost, let me deal with the technical behind everything — domain, hosting, site and plug-in updates, security, site copy backups, etc. I will provide priority support to you in case of emergency, keeping your site up and running in the face of an ever-evolving internet. Just ask for a quote and I will be happy to provide you with a proposal.

Yes! A mobile-friendly website is more important than ever. I work hard to ensure your site looks great on a variety of devices and makes it easy for visitors with different screens or browser types, so they can easily find what you’re looking for, no matter how their device happens to fire up.

We’re here to help you make your move as easy and affordable as possible. After an Agreement for Website Design Services has been signed by both parties, an INVOICE will be sent to the client via email. It will contain instructions with payment links to FreshBooks Payments

I want to make sure that the website suits your needs and tastes, so I will start by getting a lot of input from you on what is important such, as colors; pictures; videos; animation; etc. I will also ask questions in the form of a written survey about your business; how it works, what is special about it, how long you have been in business, etc.

You are the authority on your business, so it’s usually best if you share that with me. If not, don’t worry, for a small nominal fee, I can act as the copywriter, to clean up or write original content! 

Hosting is super important! When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for. I work with a very trusted and reputable WordPress hosting partner. For this very reason, I can offer very reliable, and fast hosting services at a small, additional cost, which I recommend you use for your hosting site. Or, you can simply choose to request a quote that includes hosting.  

I am just an email away! I will help you as much or little, and I won’t disappear once the site is launched. However, Managing a website is more work than it seems. Straight up. The work doesn’t end once we hit that big ol’ publish button. As the owner of the website, you are the manager of it. Therefore, you still have to deal with web design edits, server management, analytics, website performance improvements, plugin updates, security challenges and much, much more. For an additional cost, let me deal with the technical behind everything — domain, hosting, site and plug-in updates, security, site copy backups, etc. I will provide priority support to you in case of emergency keeping your site up and running in the face of an ever-evolving internet. 

I am the perfect fit for businesses who provide a service to consumers, operate in our local or regional market, and have less than 10 employees. Common things I do not specialize in, eCommerce; technology-based businesses that rely on software instead of people (they are sometimes referred to as “fintech”); real estate firms because they need more hands-on deck compared with other industries. I care about the communities we serve. That’s why a business needs to be in some sort of industry and have less than 10 employees for me to take on their website design! I also don’t do fashion, photography, personal brands, grassroots organization, and blogs; but that also means there are plenty more opportunities available. 

We provide a full range of on-page technical search engine optimization, on all my plans, that ensures your website is easy for the major engines like Google to read and rank. For most small businesses, this alone will be enough; others may require additional services like content or local rankings as well, which I can offer at an additional cost!

Yes, every template I design is one-of-a kind and specifically made for the industry (Pre-designed Templates). I utilize these fully customizable templates to act as a guide so our clients can have an example of what their website might look like or how it might function. Most clients are unsure about how a website should look like and function, therefore, these templates help to reduce the anxiety of making the big decision(s) for their website.

No. I offer fully-managed, high performance, web hosting. However, if you currently have web hosting, you will have to contact your hosting provider to transfer your service or to have your domain pointed correctly. Most providers will only provide you with tutorials to transfer your hosting service manually. 

If you choose to host your website with my hosting services, I can offer to set up a professional WordPress email address with your website domain at no extra cost. I will then train you to access you webmail using a friendly interface. 

With my fully customizable website solutions, you can own your site and not worry about the technical side. However, I highly advise that you host your site with us, because there is always a chance of technical problems occurring during the digital transfer. I build each of these sites on top of WordPress, which is the most widely used platform, but I can not guarantee that the site will transfer seamlessly to any web host without issue or hassle!

I typically cannot. My process and tooling are specifically designed for the WordPress websites I build, but if you want some of your existing website elements retained in a new layout or design, it is most probable that I can easily recreate them in a new website. 

Absolutely! However, there will be a need for a tad bit of technical background work to have your domain pointed to our server. It will require for you to contact your domain vendor to provide you with DNS records to be able to point your domain to my hosting services. 

I am afraid not! I believe in starting every project with an intake call and developing a detailed plan (My 6-D Process). This allows me to keep my prices affordable and competitively low, while still providing the best service possible!

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